All you need to know about the Nootri Range products

1. What is the Nootri range?

The Nootri range is focused on the important “1000 days” of a child’s life. The Mother’s product- NootriMamaTM is a cereal based complementary product for mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding and it is the first locally produced maternal product of its kind in the East African region. The child product - NootriTotoTM is a nutritious, high quality cereal based porridge that is complementary to breastfeeding after the child’s first six months of life (Exclusive breastfeeding is highly recommended for the first six months)

2. Is the Nootri range locally produced?

NootriMamaTM and NootriTotoTM are produced at the Africa Improved Foods production facility in Rwanda using carefully selected locally sourced materials and in line with European technology. This makes Nootri range the first locally produced product that meets international quality standards and delivers affordability.

3. How do you prepare the porridge?

We have found that East African women are very knowledgeable in preparing porridge, so therefore they are not rigid in following preparation instruction. However, see the recommended preparation methods below and it is highly recommended to ensure that your porridge comes to a boil.

Preparing NootriMamaTM

  1. Mix 1 portion of NootriMamaTM with 4 portions of cold water until smooth
  2. Cook the mixture in a pot at medium heat and bring to a boil.
  3. Occasionally stir the mixture until desired texture is obtained

Preparing NootriTotoTM

  1. Mix 1 portion of NootriTotoTM with 4 portions of cold water until smooth
  2. Cook the mixture in a pot at medium heat and bring to a boil.
  3. Occasionally stir the mixture until desired texture is obtained.

4. What are the nutritional benefits of your porridge?

NootriTotoTM and NootriMamaTM are specifically designed for the target group of pregnant or breastfeeding women and children from 6 months and above. The Nootri® products contain necessary levels of vitamins and minerals, essential for a growing child in the first 1000 days: from conception to approximately 2 years of age. NootriTotoTM also contains skimmed milk powder, which helps with a child’s growth.

5. Both products are specific to nutritional requirements of consumers in the East African Community. Does it replace breastfeeding?

No, it does not. NootriTotoTM is a porridge meant to be served with a spoon and is designed for children above 6 months, who need complementary foods in addition to being breastfed.

6. What is the unique value proposition for Nootri v/s other local porridge brands?

The difference between Nootri and other products in the market is that they contain vitamins and minerals carefully regulated to complement the first 1000 days nutrition for the child and mother.

7. Is it served warm or cold?

The product can be consumed when it has cooled down after boiling during preparation. Consumption also depends on consumer’s preference. We recommend consuming while still warm.

8. Can we add sugar, milk or water and to what extent?

These products come with adequate amount of sugar for both and milk for NootriTotoTM. They can be eaten on their own or as a complement to other foods, which form part of people’s normal diet. Addition of other foods in line with personal preferences. Add Sugar in moderation.

9. For how long can I store the porridge after preparation?

We strongly recommend not to store the porridge once prepared, unless in a sealed container, such as a flask, and only for a short amount of time.

10. How much porridge should I feed my child? In addition, how many times a day?

The amount of porridge, as well as the number of feedings per day, depend on the age of the child. Please see the feeding table on the pack, which we have added to assist mothers in their feeding regime.

11. How many meals can I make from one box?

This depends on the number and size of meals per day. If we assume an average of two meals/day, each requiring 50 g of flour, the pack will last for approximately 5 days.

12. Can I feed my child other foods to complement this porridge?

Absolutely, it is highly recommended. In our volume recommendations, we have taken into consideration that the child also eats other foods.

13. Is the product made in Rwanda?

Yes it is. The production facility is located at the Trade Free Economic Zone in Kigali.

14. What is the difference between the NootriMamaTM and NootriTotoTM?

NootriMamaTM is formulated for pregnant/breastfeeding mothers. It does not contain milk powder, but it does contain a higher level of iron, which is specifically critical for the mother’s good health during pregnancy. NootriTotoTM is formulated for children of 6 months and older. It contains the balanced nutrition to complement breastfeeding and family food consumption that ensures the child’s good health.

15. Can the whole family consume NootriMamaTM or NootriTotoTM?

NootriMamaTM is specially designed for pregnant/breastfeeding mothers to meet their dietary needs in that period. NootriTotoTM is designed for children 6 months and older. It can be used as a complementary food in the daily diet.

16. Can I feed NootriMamaTM to my child?

Although it would not be harmful to feed NootriMamaTM to children, we strongly advise against it. The product is specifically designed to meet the dietary needs of a mother and the child growing in her womb.

17. Is your product medicine?

No, it is a complementary food, which is designed / formulated to ensure a balanced daily nutrition.

18. Can I feed NootriTotoTM if my child is sick?

In case of sickness, it is always advisable to contact your doctor to assess the cause. As long as your child is willing to eat NootriTotoTM, there is no reason not to give it. However, we highly recommend seeking medical advice from qualified doctors.

19. Is Nootri® gluten-free?

The formulation is gluten free and we ensure that we avoid cross-contaminations at the farming level.

20. Are the Nootri® products suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets?

NootriMamaTM is suitable for vegetarians. For vegans, who do not want to consume any animal-derived ingredients NootriTotoTM is not suitable since it contains milk powder.

21. What is Nootri® made from?

Nootri® products are made from locally grown premium raw materials i.e. maize and soy. It also contains sugar and some soy oil for better palatability. These products are also enriched with vitamins & minerals.

22. How much of nutrients do Nootri® products provide?

The Nootri® Range has been developed to provide a balanced nutritious porridge that is a complementary food source for mothers and children. NB: NootriTotoTM complements breastfeeding from 6 months onwards in addition to routine family foods. NootriMamaTM should be used in conjunction with normal, daily family food consumption.

23. Do Nootri® products contain Sugar?

NootriMamaTM contains a minimal amount of sugar for palatability.

24. Do Nootri® products contain genetically modified ingredients?

The formulation is gluten free and we ensure that we avoid cross-contaminations at the farming level.

25. What does the best before date on my package mean?

It means that the product is safe to consume any time before the indicated date. The product should not be consumed after the indicated date.

" we recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and continued breastfeeding + complementary food until 24months ".